20 February 2013

Woman's noseA cosmetic nurse in the US has revealed how Hollywoods finest manage to look so perfect at red-carpet events like the Oscars. Nurse Jamie Sherrill told Mail Online that awards season is her busiest time of year and she is often in her office until 9pm treating clients.One Hollywood star even called her when she was at home because she had two large spots on her face that needed treatment ahead of the Oscars. I always say red carpet looks are no accidents. Theyre the results of well-laid plans, Ms Sherrill stated. She revealed head-to-toe tightening which is when lasers are used to tighten sagging skin is one of her most popular treatments, alongside a fat-busting procedure. Often, things are so manic in her clinic in the run-up to big Hollywood events that celebrities have multiple treatments at the same time to ensure they look picture-perfect. We usually have two or three people in the room, no-one has time, so we have one person tightening the body and another giving a treatment on the face, Ms Sherrill stated. We cater to the busy individual and a lot of my celebrity clients don't have down time.