22 October 2007

Lauren Hannam, 45, I'm here for a wound check to make sure I'm healing properly. I had a tummy tuck, had my implants changed and I had a breast uplift. I had my first breast implants done 17 years ago after I had my son.My boobs went from a C to an A and I thought, "I don't like that, they look like pitta breads." I was considering having a tummy tuck so I thought while I'm there I may as well have my breasts done. With my tummy I exercise regularly, I watch what I eat, but I still couldn't shift it. It's not like I hadn't persevered, so I thought, "I'm just going to go for it." I love it here. The girls are really very nice. They give you a time, you're always seen, there's no hanging around. There's loads of other stuff I'd have done. When I get older I'll get my eye bags done. I've had such a good experience it gives you the confidence to go ahead with other things. Laura Lofts, 24 I'm not here for surgery; I'm having a course of face peels and microdermabrasion. I had acne as a teenager so it's a confidence thing. A friend recommended it. The peel's like putting on nail varnish remover, it stinks. You can't really feel it, but it's activated by cold water, so they put cold flannels over your face and the microdermabrasion is like having sand blasted and also sucked back at the same time, so it's a bit strange. Anna's really good so I tend to fall asleep; it's very relaxing. To be honest, I don't ever have to wait very long - I usually get taken straight into the treatment room. I read my book or text people to pass the time. I'm a very patient person - if there's a queue I'll join it. I'm very English. Lucy Worsnop, 30 I feel quite relaxed here. It's a nice room, there's nice chilled-out music in the background; they're always playing Jack Johnson. I always bring a book so I kill the time reading and texting my friends. I've had a breast enlargement. I'd thought about having it done for about five years. My friend had hers done and it just gave me a bit of a push. I used to have quite large breasts in my early twenties, but I do so much exercise, as a personal trainer, they've kind of vanished. I didn't want to go huge or anything, I just wanted them to look quite natural. My sister had hers done about 10 years ago and she was saying, "I don't want to worry you but you're going to be in complete and utter pain." Personally, I felt like I could've gone for a run the next day, I honestly felt that good. I got treated really well and the hospital was lovely so I actually enjoyed it. I probably sound a bit weird for saying that, but I did.Contact us today to book your free cosmetic surgical or non surgical consultation with one of highly qualified Nurses.