The five steps to better skin for men

08 November 2012

We men are notoriously secretive about our use of skin protection and anti-ageing products, but for those of us who do moisturise, lifestyle magazine has just published a new list of what it considers the hottest products on the market. It says there are five phases to good men's skincare – clean, hydrate, eyes, boost and protect – and then goes on to recommend products which perform best at each of these five tasks.In each category, several internationally-known brands' products feature highly. But they are outnumbered by lesser-known ones which, unsurprisingly, also offer the best value for money. The article also speaks highly of the use of serums, describing them as "a multi-vitamin for your skin". "The ridiculously high levels of nutrients, many worth their weight in gold, is why the price of many serums is so high," it adds. Sunscreen is, says Stuff, especially vital, calling it "the single most important way to protect your skin from premature ageing", and should be applied every day – rain or shine.