28 October 2006

Cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly sophisticated - Mernie Gilmore at The Daily Express investigates laser hair removal with the latest treatment available at The Harley Medical Group - Aesthera PPx and Computerised Photo - Imaging skin analysis, which uses new technology to provide a detailed look at the condition of your skin....

The Daily Express'The Future Of High-Tech Beauty'

Cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly sophisticated. We check out some state-of-the-art treatments available todayLast Week Demi Moore appeared at an awards ceremony in Beverly Hills showing off a remarkably toned and youthful-looking pair of legs. Rumours circulated that the 43-year-old actress had undergone a form of "knee lift", an operation to remove wrinkly skin around the knee area. Until recently cosmetic surgeons believed that such an operation was unworkable because it would leave obvious scarring. But time has moved on, and what once seemed impossible now proves to be just another part of the body that can successfully be nipped and tucked. It's not just the knees that are benefiting from this progress. In fact, the arsenal of cosmetic treatments designed to give smoothing, anti-ageing or fat-busting results increased every day.


What is it?The Harley Medical Group has just launched its Computerised Photo-Imaging Skin Analysis (link to this page) which uses new technology to provide a detailed look at the condition of your skin, highlighting problems you might not otherwise know about.What Happens?A photograph is taken of the epidermis, giving an in-depth reading of your skin's characteristics, including pore size, age spotting, pigmentation and sun damage. The results are then matched with those of 3,500 other women so that you can gauge how your skin compares. The results can then be used to put together a treatment programme that best suits your skin.What does it promise?This is a very comprehensive look at the state of your skin, and can show areas of damage that will not be visible for some time. Sun damage, for example, can show up on one of these scans well before it appears as wrinkles on your face. Acting speedily on these findings helps to delay the signs of ageing even before problems have become visible.What does it cost?The analysis is free, you pay for any further treatment you choose to have.


What is it?Aesthera Hair Removal combines pneumatic energy and broadband light to get rid of unwanted hair five times more quickly than IPL (intense pulse light) treatments.What happens?The therapist moves the arm of the machine over the area that is being treated. The skin is gently sucked into the tip of the arm to bring it closer to the light before the beam moves over the skin destroying the hair follicles.What does it promise?This technique - unlike IPL hair removal which can be a lengthy and painful process - is relatively pain-free because it uses a lower energy light beam. It is also quicker and can, for example, cover a leg in 20 minutes.What does it cost?From 50 per session.
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