14 September 2010

IHASAs you may know already, here at The Harley Medical Group we're passionate about making sure cosmetic treatments and cosmetic surgeries are only carried out by skilled professionals. Unfortunately, here in the UK we've seen and heard plenty of examples of people being put at risk by unqualified practitioners. The good news is that this is beginning to change and we're very happy to have been included on the IHAS Register of Injectable Cosmetic Providers!What does this mean? That you can trust we've been awarded a Quality Mark for meeting professional standards for injectable treatments in the UK. Under the new standards, only doctors, dentists and registered nurses are permitted to carry out treatments like Botox and dermal fillers, which is music to our ears, let me tell you. Here at Harley Medical, our qualified surgeons and nurses are a real point of pride and it's great to see our hard work rewarded. However, what's even better is the fact that this qualifying mark is a UK wide regulation scheme. This means that IHAS will make it easy for you to immediately know whether surgeons and clinics meet the standards of the regulations - or not. In the right hands, treatments such as Botox are a safe and effective way to treat wrinkles, but the last thing you want to do is trust a needle to someone without proper training. So what should you do when choosing non surgical treatments such as fillers and injectable line and wrinkle treatments? Look out for the IHAS quality mark!