18 June 2009

Hollywood icon Lauren Conrad, who rose to fame on MTV show The Hills, has been talking to Access Hollywood about cosmetic surgery. Although the 23-year-old starlet has been subject to rumours that she underwent a rhinoplasty in the past, she says she doesn't have plans to undergo surgery. However, the star hasn't ruled out getting Botox injections in the future when her skin begins to wrinkle.While Botox and other wrinkle-busting jabs have traditionally been favoured by older women keen to turn back the clock, it's now a popular procedure with women and men in their twenties and thirties. However, Conrad thinks she has some time left before she needs to turn to Botox. She said: "I'm 23, I think I'm good for a little bit. Maybe later on." Conrad, who has now left the cast of The Hills, has just released a new novel titled L.A. Candy. And though she may not be planning to go under the knife soon, her Hills co-stars are another matter. Last year, Make Me Heal suggested that Kristin Cavallari - Conrad's foil on The Hills - had opted to have nose job. What's more, fellow Hills star Heidi Montag has previously admitted to having rhinoplasty and a boob job. The procedure took Montag's breast size from 32A to a 32C. Speaking about her surgeries in 2007, Montag said: "Ive always been very insecure about my body. My whole life, I looked at my chest and was like, OK, theyre going to grow. This is my year! And it never happened... Surgery is a very big deal [but] I just wanted it so badly."