The Hills - what's the cosmetic reality?

01 March 2010

The first time I saw The Hills, I was totally confused! The strange mixture between what seemed to be a reality TV show and a teen drama had me quite bamboozled, but I'd never seen Laguna Beach and my friends told me it would have made a lot more sense if I had. Laguna Beach was a massive MTV reality show about wealthy teens and their high school experiences. The Hills follows the stars of the teen show as they grow up and head to Los Angeles, and on the surface it looks like any other glossy American show. But the thing that makes it different is the fact that it's a reality TV show that does film scenes and plot lines. So it's a weird blurring of fiction and reality, and the stars are famous for being themselves, but a slightly fictionalised version of themselves. It'd be enough to give anyone an identity crisis as far as I'm concerned! A storm of media ho-ha over star Heidi Montag and her cosmetic surgery choices has only reminded me how strange it must be to be in the public eye so much, not only in the show but as part of their private life too. Heidi and her husband, Spencer Pratt, are constantly hitting the headlines these days and they aren't very often complimentary stories! We often hear a lot about the cast of The Hills and their various cosmetic surgery treatments. While Heidi came out and talked very publically about her breast enlargement and Botox, other's have not been so forthcoming. Spencer is rumoured to have also undergone several procedures recently and Lauren Conrad, Kristen Cavallari and Audrina Partridge are all suspected to have gone under the knife at some point. While I always advocate celebrities being open about their cosmetic surgery, I can understand why people who are so often in the public eye like to try and keep parts of their private lives private sometimes. However, I do think it must be pretty hard to keep cosmetic improvements under wraps when you're on the box every day! Then again, I think that if I were on a show like that, it's keeping hold of what's real and what's not when it comes to everyday occurrences that would keep me busy.