06 August 2008

Hundreds of men are nipping to plastic surgeons to get their man boobs reduced, new figures show. One in five people opting for any cosmetic surgery are now men with mob jobs among the most popular ops. Women still dominate the market but male interest in a nip and tuck is soaring according to a survey by plastic surgeons Harley Medical Group.As well as mob jobs, lads are chest as happy to pay for nose jobs, liposuction on their beer bellies and love handles, baggy eye removal and having protruding lugs pinned back. A Harley Medical Group spokeswoman said: The male market is definitely growing. Say they had very fleshy breasts; they would be embarrassed about undressing in front of their peers. I think people are becoming less shy about that, coupled with affordable ability to a lot of people. A lot of it relates to the more open way that people can express their sexuality. So if youre gay, you dont necessarily want body hair and youll come and have permanent body hair removal. The study also showed that no one seems to be going bust tending for their image. The Dublin and Belfast based Harley clinics are reporting a massive 35% rise in the popularity of cosmetic surgery across the market.