The key to successful cosmetic surgery? Plenty of research, says plastic surgeon

08 November 2012

People considering plastic surgery have been advised that research is essential before they make any decisions about having a procedure. The Vancouver Sun noted that cost is usually one of the many things individuals have to consider before they go ahead with treatments.When they are quoted a price for their surgery, this will include not only the surgeonís fees, but the cost of surgery facilities and the fees charged by the anaesthetist. This means that the costs between different clinics can vary significantly, while some procedures will be considerably more expensive than others. However, the publication warned people not to fall into the trap of choosing the cheapest option. ďAs with anything else, you need to do your research. Cheaper isnít often better. An honest assessment with a complete explanation of risks and benefits is what you should trust,Ē individuals were advised. The publication noted that while some people choose to pay for plastic surgery, others prefer to use cheaper injectables as a way to get the look they want.