The latest anti-ageing treatment… for your elbows?

The latest anti-ageing treatment… for your elbows?

24 September 2015

At The Harley Medical Group we’re always keeping an eye out for the latest anti-ageing treatments, because, though we may not be able to stop signs of ageing completely we certainly want to slow the process as much as possible! So when one new, unusual treatment popped up on our beauty radar, we were quick to take note.

It’s well known among beauty junkies that a good anti-ageing regime isn’t just contained to the face. Areas such as your hands, neck and décolletage can just as easily betray your age – but had you ever considered your elbows could age you?

A cosmetic Elbow Lift is now being offered by clinics to help rid patients of what are referred to as ‘elephant elbows’ – that is to say elbows where a natural loss in the skin’s elasticity has caused sagging and a baggy appearance.  As one Cosmetic Surgeon explains, “As we grow older, skin at the elbows tends to gather in folds. This is because skin slackens with age due to the natural loss of collagen, which acts like scaffolding to keep skin taught, an of elastin, which gives skin elasticity.”

Our elbows are a much neglected part of the body – probably because we can’t really see them – and so often one of the first areas to show signs of ageing.  They’re constantly rubbing against different surfaces, a friction which leads to noticeably thicker, rougher looking skin.

The treatment lifts drooping skin on the elbows with PDO threads, which form a mesh underneath the skin’s surface to smooth and tighten the elbow. Sarah Dobinson, a 50 year old from Surrey, recently underwent the treatment and is delighted with the results. “I have a slim build and am active, so despite my age, my arms are in good shape. However, my sagging elbows ruined the whole look and were starting to make me self-conscious. I was genuinely surprised to see results immediately – the skin looked smoother and firmer – but I’m told it will get even better as the collagen starts to build.”

Initially used as a form of Face Lift, PDO threads last for around 6 months before they dissolve; though they stimulate the body to naturally produce collagen and elastin, so the full results are visible eight months after the Elbow Lift treatment.

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Image credit: Africa studio/ Shutterstock