The Latest Japanese Skincare Trend – Would You Try It?

5 September 2016

The Latest Japanese Skincare Trend – Would You Try It?

New beauty and skincare regimes often attract a lot of people in the early stages, especially when they claim to do what we all want – achieving a more youthful complexion with the minimum amount of effort. Well another has come along that claims to do just that, only it’s a bit more… unusual.

A lot of us suffer with unwanted hair on our bodies and in order to combat the issue, a Japanese trend of close-shaving has started to grow in popularity as women seek to remove unwanted facial hair.

The regime involves a traditional style of shaving whereby a flat blade is scraped across the face to remove the unwanted facial hair. The process, known as “Kao Sori” is said to leave the face looking much softer and filled with colour.

Men have used the traditional style of shaving for decades, and a lot of barbers have introduced the close-shave to their list of options for male customers. The question is, does it have genuine skincare benefits for women aside from removing the unwanted facial hair?

Some experts believe that it does, helping to provide a clean and natural surface to the skin that allows women to apply their daily skincare products in a way that will have more instant, long-lasting effects.

A number of celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor and Rachel Hunter are said to have given Kao Sori a try, with singer LeAnn Rimes once saying that it left her face feeling “like a baby’s butt!”

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