The lazy girl’s guide to quick beauty fixes

3 August 2015

[Description: shutterstock_296252399] Your alarm goes off, what’s the first thing you do? Hit the snooze button and drift back into sleep or spring out of bed to start the day? We all have days when we’d rather stay in bed, but that doesn’t mean we want to compromise on looking good. So go on, follow this lazy girl’s guide to quick beauty fixes and you’ll never feel guilty about hitting snooze again.

  • Store your makeup remover next to your bed

You’ll never have an excuse to forget to remove your makeup if you store your remover next to your bed. Avoid breakouts and keep your skin clean from the comfort of your bed.

  • Blast skin dry with your blow-dryer

Waiting on your moisturiser or self-tan to dry? Don’t have time to let your makeup set? Then give your face a quick blast with your blow-dryer (on the cool setting). You can finish getting ready in no time.

  • Use lipstick as a multi-function product

Can’t be bothered to apply all of your products but still want glowing skin? Simple, use your lipstick to add colour to your eyes, cheeks and lips – don’t forget to blend! Subtlety is key to this look.

  • Refresh your eyes with a nude eye pencil

Instantly brighten and widen your eyes by applying a nude eye pencil to the waterline on your lower lid.

  • Cotton swabs and Vaseline fix eyeliner mistakes

We’d all love to be able to create expert winged eyes with our liner but for those in need of a bit of practise first, cotton swabs dipped in Vaseline are your new best friend. They’ll erase any mistakes in an instant, without you having to fix the rest of your makeup.

  • Wash your fringe only

Not got time to wash your hair but your fringe looks really greasy? Pull back your hair and secure with an elastic band and just wash your fringe – it’ll take a fraction of the time and nobody will notice.

  • Baby powder fixes greasy roots

You’ve woken up late and your roots are a tangled, greasy mess. With no time to wash and style your hair, baby powder is your lifesaver. Sprinkle it onto your hair to soak up the excess oil and brush through so you’re not left with noticeable white residue.

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