09 March 2009

Peter Knight finds out why men undergo plastic surgery and asks whether it's worth the cost More and more guys are having a nip, tuck, slice and suck to get the body beautiful in London. The capital has more plastic surgeons registered than any other region in the UK (47 registered with the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, practising in 14 clinics).And a record number of men went under the knife last year with over 3,000 operations performed nationwide. We spoke to three men who’ve taken the plunge Man BoobsNicky Dobson, 20, a cashier, paid £3,500 for a man-boob reduction (gynaecomastia) with The Harley Medical Group. To me my mobs looked huge. If I wore a tight T-shirt, they'd poke out like women's breasts. “My dad said he couldn't see anything wrong with me, but his breasts were round and egg-shaped, where mine were pointed. The GP said it was down to excess skin tissue which is why exercise didn't work. Having a flat chest like everyone else boosted my confidence. My friends now call me Nicky new nipples. GYNAECOMASTIA Cost: £3,500 - £4,500 Treatment: A half centimetre incision is made near the nipple and under the armpit, through which excess fat is removed through liposuction. The operation takes up to two hours. Anaesthetic: General. Risks: The skin can become loose after removing fatty tissue which can create an unnatural fold of skin, says consultant plastic surgeon Rajiv Grover. There's also a chance the breasts can look lumpy. Scars/bruising: Bruising around the nipple. Recovery Time: Patients usually return to work after a few days. A compression vest has to be worn for a month to six weeks.Nose JobTony Ellis, 26, works for a finance firm. He paid £4,300 for a nose job (rhinoplasty) with The Harley Medical Group. Since school I've been really conscious about the prominence of my nose. The tip came down quite a lot when I smiled, creating a big bulb at the end.I had money to change things. After phoning a clinic I was on the operating table within three months.It's made the world of difference to my confidence, which girls love. Perhaps the change was too much as I split with my girlfriend within two weeks. RHINOPLASTY Cost: £4,000 - £5,000 Treatment: An incision is made inside the nose or in the skin beneath the nose, allowing the surgeon to alter the shape of the bone or cartilage. The operation lasts up to three hours. Anaesthetic: General (sometimes local). Risks: Noses can sometimes heal with a lumpy ridge, says Grover. Complications can arise if you have a pre-existing problem of breathing through the nose. Scars/bruising: Bruising, swelling and soreness lasts two weeks. Recovery time: Patients are in bandages for up to 10 days and are back at work within two weeks.