26 January 2009

CITY boys are increasingly spending their redundancy cash on going under the knife to boost their chances of getting a new job, figures have revealed. The trend, dubbed City severance surgery, saw a surge of almost 10 percent in facelifts for men in the last three months of 2008. Thousands of workers in the Square Mile were laid off over the period and fuelled the cosmetic surgery boom, according to The Harley Medical Group. Facelifts cost more then 6,000 while liposuction, another popular procedure, will set an overweight City slicker back 3,000. The Harley Medical Group director Liz Dale said: Our clinic has seen a decline in City boys using their bonuses for surgery. Instead, this market has been replaced by City severance surgery. City bankers are using their redundancy packages to rejuvenate their appearance for the challenges they face in securing a new job. Other figures show that operations to eradicate the condition known as man boobs increased by 44 percent last year.Male breast reduction was almost unheard of five years ago but 323 British men had their moobs removed in 2008. And one in 11 botox procedures were carried out on men last year 3,004 compared to 2,881 in 2007.