The low-down on Laser Hair Removal

16 April 2015

It’s almost bikini season which means there’s only one thing on every woman’s mind – hair removal. You may have always stuck by your trusty razor or hair removal cream, but have you ever considered having Laser Hair Removal? Not only is this hair removal method less time consuming, it’s also really effective.

So how does it work? The laser is targeted at the pigment in each hair follicle, killing unwanted hair at the root. You’ll generally require a minimum of six sessions. Sounds simple, right? So why do you need so many sessions? It’s because hair has various growth stages, which explains why you may see a few hairs sprouting up randomly after your first session of Laser Hair Removal. Several sessions of treatment ensures that all unwanted hair is effectively targeted.

Laser Hair Removal is suitable for a large range of hair and skin types, including blond, grey and fine hair - it’s always best to have an initial consultation with a specialist first though so they can advise you on the results you can expect.

Many women assume Laser Hair Removal must be painful. It may sound like it, but in actual fact, the majority of patients describe the pain as a ‘rubber band snapping’ sensation – worth knowing if you’re thinking about having a large area of hair treated.

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Image Credit Attribution: JackF/ iStock/ Thinkstock