The male skin care revolution – how men are embracing skincare like never before

The male skin care revolution – how men are embracing skincare like never before

23 October 2015

It may be true that women still make up the vast majority of Cosmetic Surgery patients, but there has been a significant increase in the number of men seeking out professional Non Surgical Treatments in recent years. It seems the modern man is more willing than ever to embrace effective skin care – though they seem to be leaving it later in life than their female counterparts!

In a recent interview two Skin Care Professionals discussed the rise in male patients and differences they see between male and female patients. “My male patients are older, mostly middle aged professionals. Whereas it’s normal to see a 25 year old woman, I rarely see a 25 year old man.”

According to the experts men also, “Tend to like easy, simple treatments. They want something that works but gets them in and out fast.” So a fuss-free but efficient anti-ageing regime is ideal as far as male patients are concerned.

This means treatments like Botox and Fillers are popular as they’re relatively quick and require minimal downtime for recovery. Men also seem to have different expectations from Non Surgical treatments than women do, usually looking for a subtle pick-me-up to keep them looking fresh as signs of aging start to show. “Men don’t say ‘I’m 40 and I want to look 20’. They ask for subtle enhancements (and) really appreciate non-invasive skin tightening treatments.”

When it comes to treatments for the body, Fat Removal Treatments are the most popular among men, usually used to target stubborn areas of fat around the chest and hips. Given the general preference for non-invasive treatments, options such as i-Lipo are well suited to male patients. The innovative Fat Removal Treatment uses radio waves to release the fat from cells which is then burned off during 30 minutes spent exercising after the treatment.

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Image credit: Goodluz/ Shutterstock