The Minogue sisters share secrets for staying young

13 August 2010

Showbiz sisters Kylie and Dannii Minogue recently revealed the top beauty secrets that have helped keep them looking so youthful into their 30s and 40s. The sisters discussed the products they consider essential to taking care of their complexions, as well as non surgical treatments to hold back the years.In an interview with Company magazine, Kylie responded to critics who said she had gone too far in the pursuit of a youthful appearance. The pop star said: "Graceful doesnít mean you canít look after yourself - you donít get a ribbon at the end, or a prize, for doing it without any help. "Beauty routines have just changed over the years. I think you just need to find the right balance. Now weíve got a lot more available to us and itís part of my job to try and present myself well." The Metro reports that both Kylie, 42, and Dannii, 38, have used Botox to get rid of unwanted lines and wrinkles, and Kylie says she often turns to her younger sister when she needs expert advice on skin care products. "Sheís really, really good at finding things," Kylie said. "Sheís always making me try products and stuff. I might look at it and be like, 'Erm, OK', and then, two months later, Iím like, 'This is amazing, itís like the best thing ever!' Kylie revealed that her favourite 'product' has always been sun block, helping prevent sun damage and premature ageing. "Even if Iíve just got an hourís drive from A to B, or Iím getting on a day flight and Iím sat by the window. If itís less than factor 20, it doesnít go on my face," she said.