The new hair trend that’s out of this world!

The new hair trend that’s out of this world!

22 October 2015

First there were pretty pastel shades, then mermaid hair saw us taking ‘hair-spiration’ from an aquatic colour palette and now it seems colour-change addicts are looking to the stars for their adventurous hair dye designs!

One colour simply isn’t good enough if you’re going to commit to the galaxy hair trend. Instagram is a cosmic wash of rich blues, greens, purples, pinks and oranges; combined expertly to reflect images of far off constellations and distant galaxies.

The look originates from America, but British ladies have been quick to jump on the brightly coloured band-wagon after seeing the images of beautifully dyed tresses surface online.

While certainly not a trend for the faint hearted, one major concern you don’t need to worry about anymore is what all that dye will do to the condition of your hair. As with all sectors, products and technologies are constantly developing in the world of hair-care and a new wonder treatment called Olaplex means you can now restore and repair your hair after heat styling and colour caused damage.

Olaplex is a three step repair programme that works by repairing the bonds within the hair shaft that become broken and damaged when the hair is dyed or repeated heat styled – as most of ours is! This restoration dramatically improves the texture and feel of hair and unlike masks or conditioners, which work temporarily on the surface of the hair, Olaplex penetrates the hair shaft, working from within to give a long lasting result.

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Image credit: Rouge Hair Studio/ Instagram