13 August 2007

Grazia reveals the latest, most in demand cosmetic surgery - which offers more subtle results with shorter recovery times and less scarring

Grazia 'The New Nip/Tuck Lite'

So long bowling-ball breasts and Bride-of-Wildenstein eyes: the latest trend in cosmetic surgery is nip/tuck lite. Clinics are starting to report an increase in demand for more subtle nip/tucks such as muffin-top reduction, breast balancing and ankle-slimming lipo. �My clients want an improvement that looks natural - undetectable to everyone else,' says Dr Maurizio Viel of the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery. The increased demand for body tailoring has come about because liposuction has increased by 90 per cent in the past year. And it's no longer overweight women undergoing the knife - shockingly, almost half of all patients requesting lipo at one clinic are a size 8 to 10. At The Harley Medical Group, the most popular treatment is the �muffin-top op', which removes that fatty layer hanging over your belt. More women are requesting a �breast balancing op', to even things out up top (almost all women have one breast larger than the other), ensuring they're measurement-perfect. This modern-style surgery results in a shorter recovery period. �Heavy surgery such as tummy tucks and full-on facelifts have a huge amount of downtime and can cause extensive scarring, which takes months to fade,' says top cosmetic surgeon, Dr Dalia Nield. �Compared with a few years ago, we are now able to target the smaller areas.' Which is good news for fans of skinny jeans. Read more about our cosmetic surgery guide and our non surgical guide. Contact us today to book your free consultation with one of our highly qualified Nurses.