13 July 2012

There has been an increase in the number of people opting to undergo toe surgery, it has been claimed. Dr Oliver Zong, surgical director at NYC FootCare in New York, is a podiatrist and specialises in reshaping peoples toes, ABC News reports.He claims more and more patients are coming to him because they are paying greater attention to the smaller details of their feet. Many feel as though they have fat toes and want the digits slimmed down. They're very embarrassed by the situation and afterward, they gain self-esteem and feel more confident. Some people have said they're so embarrassed that their boyfriends have never seen their feet, Dr Zong stated. The procedure can also be undertaken for medical reasons, as it can be used to relieve pain in the foot or reduce abnormalities. Some surgeons are against the idea, because they believe there is no point in altering part of the body for cosmetic reasons when there is nothing wrong with it. However, Dr Zong disagrees with this view, explaining it is no different to other more popular procedures.