The number of men getting Botox has increased

The number of men getting Botox has increased

20 March 2015

There has been a significant increase in men getting Botox since 2013. Known for being a popular procedure among women, research has now found that more and more men are undergoing Botox treatment too, in a bit to maintain their looks as they get older.

Cosmetic Surgery is now more popular in men than ever before, and men want Botox to get rid of their forehead lines, wrinkles around the face and to create the appearance of smoother, younger looking skin. They want to achieve a look that makes them look wide awake for the purpose of both their home and work life.

The increase of men opting for Botox could also be down to encouragement from partners, as they don’t want to feel old next to them.

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Image Credit Attribution: Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Thinkstock