18 February 2009

Members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) are reporting an increase in requests for cosmetic surgery procedures in the run-up to the Academy Awards. The surgeons have reported that the increase in pre-Oscars non-surgical cosmetic procedures is not only limited to celebrities, as spouses and those who work behind the scenes are rushing to have procedures done as well.One cosmetic surgeon in Santa Monica, California, Michael McGuire, said business is up 20 per cent in his clinic due to the Oscars. He said: "Every year I see an increase in celebrities and industry people wanting Botox and dermal fillers in anticipation of the awards season." Surgeons have noted that the current economic crisis hasn't affected the cosmetic surgery business during the awards season. Mr McGuire said: "I believe cosmetic medical care will always experience some upswing during awards season. It's an issue of livelihood. Many celebrities have been getting these procedures before awards season anyway - they're part of their regular maintenance." He added that for many non-celebrities, awards like the Oscars are a good reason to come in for procedures: "For non-celebrities, the Oscars are like attending a class reunion or relative's wedding. It may be the only time all year where they get to mingle with peers at one party. Spouses and those behind the scenes want to make a good impression too." Some cosmetic surgeon's part of the ASPS have also noted an increase in the number of men feeling pressure to look good on big nights in Hollywood. Mr McGuire added: "My male clientele have been known to increase by 10 per cent during awards season." Awards season in is known to run months at a time, with ceremonies from the Golden Globes to the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the UK's Brit Awards. For that reason, many celebrities begin non-surgical treatments in January and February.