The perfect nose “can’t be chosen from a catalogue”, surgeon explains

30 October 2014

When undergoing Cosmetic Surgery, many patients often have a celebrity in mind when transforming an aspect of themselves – but when it comes to Rhinoplasty, an expert warns about the importance of choosing a nose shape that’s unique to the patient’s facial structure.

A recent blog titled “Open Vs. Closed Rhinoplasty” by Dr Kalus sees him detail the nose’s central position within the face – making it a focal point when talking to others. Due to its location, it’s imperative that any surgery complements the person’s facial features: “Because the nose is such a prominent feature of our face, it is critical that the nose not only appear ‘normal’ and natural after Rhinoplasty Surgery, but also attractive and in proper proportion within the rest of the face,” he explains.

He adds: “It is critical for the patient to understand that the appearance of the nose cannot simply be selected from a catalogue.” So how do you achieve that natural look? Dr Kalus develops a surgical plan tailored to the patient’s face, highlighting the significance of ethnicity. Dr Kalus says: “Preserving ethnicity is crucial when planning a Rhinoplasty. Otherwise, the results can appear out of place and disproportionate, and the nose may not appear to fit the face.”

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