01 July 2011

skd181106sdcLisa Rogers, a British documentary-maker, has created The Perfect Vagina a programme looking into the world of cosmetic surgery for the female genitalia. Rogers brave documentary will be shown on SBS One, the equivalent of the BBC in Australia, at 10pm tonight, amid recent reports from figures in the industry which suggest that any taboos surrounding genital cosmetic surgery are fast falling away.SBS One describe the piece as entertaining and humorous even as it makes some very serious points and the camera-work is neither coy nor pervy. It follows the path of women who are unhappy with the way their genitalia looks, often to do with the size and shape of the labia. During filming, Rogers talks to an artist who makes casts of female genitals, a woman who runs workshops on how to love your vagina, as well as the cosmetic surgeons who perform the procedures and of course, women who are opting to have the cosmetic surgery. The outcome is an insight into an increasingly-popular procedure, known colloquially as designer vagina surgery.