06 November 2012

A leading dermatologist has revealed his top tips for keeping skin looking beautiful at all times. Speaking to City AM, Dr Howard Murad explained exercise and eating well are more important when it comes to looking after the skin than using fancy creams.He noted that muscle contains 70 per cent water, which helps to keep the skin and body hydrated. This is why exercising and building up muscle is so important. Dr Murad believes eating pomegranate and goji berry is very good for the skin, with the latter being “the most nutritionally dense food on the planet, with its high antioxidant content and anti-ageing vitamin A”. The expert also noted that as well as harmful UV rays, stress and lack of sleep can cause skin damage. “Being permanently on the go, constant pervasive stress and lack of sleep all play a part in everything from water loss, to our skin’s cells to obesity and depression,” Dr Murad stated. Read the full story here: