The Rise of the Anti-Ageing ‘Tweakment’

1 August 2016

The Rise of the Anti-Ageing ‘Tweakment’

How does she do it?! More and more often this is the question we’re asking of Hollywood starlets who seem to have frozen time. A new wave of a-listers are entering their 40s and 50s looking as good as (if not better than) they did in their 20s: Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Victoria Beckham – they all look amazing! So what’s their secret?

In years gone by, an expressionless, overly smooth forehead or too plump lips where tell-tale signs that a celebrity had undergone Cosmetic Treatments. But today, famous faces just look fantastic for their age.

Dr Daniel Sister explains, “The current trend in anti-ageing is something I call ‘fake natural’… When Botox and Fillers first became available people went mad like children in a candy store - they froze and filled every single line and flaw, and the results were often silly.”

Nowadays, cosmetic techniques and products have advanced, “Lessons were learnt.” Dr Sister continues, “Treatments became more refined and injection techniques got smarter…now it’s barely detectable.”

It’s not just celebrities opting for subtle ‘tweaks’ rather than major anti-ageing surgeries. An increasing number of patients are looking for a subtle enhancement from Non Surgical Treatments, rather than a dramatic make-over. Treatments such as Fillers, the Facial ThreadLift and Skin Peels are all very popular.

In fact, according to a recent report from Mintel, cosmetic interventions in the UK are now worth £3.6 billion – and 90% of them are non surgical.

A natural result is primarily down to finding a talented practitioner and it’s essential to only ever undergo any Cosmetic Treatments from a credible Cosmetic Surgery Clinic where you’ll be seen by a medically trained professional.

When it comes to Dermal Fillers, Dr Nick Lowe explains, “It is critical where you place the filler – sometimes it’s better injected deeply, other times superficially… For example, you can lift the lower face by injecting filler deeply. So ask your clinic how they inject. What are their techniques? Do they look at the face as a whole and aim for a good aesthetic outcome, rather than simply filling lines? What experience do they have? How often do they inject? What brands do they use?”

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Image credit: Poznvakov/Shutterstock