The rise of the ‘designer vagina’ – female genital surgeries have tripled in a decade

The rise of the ‘designer vagina’ – female genital surgeries have tripled in a decade

13 August 2015

First came the Brazilian, then the Hollywood wax… next the Vajazzle happened! But it seems women are still not satisfied with the look of their genitals and it’s causing more and more ladies to seek Cosmetic Surgery in pursuit of a ‘desirable’ looking vagina.

Researchers in Australia recently conducted a study about women’s motivations for genital surgeries, after Medicare (a large medical insurance company) reported the number of procedures had almost tripled in a decade, with some requests to perform surgeries on girls as young as 12 and 13!

So what’s behind the sudden uptake?

Initially, it was suspected that women were considering genital surgery because of negative comments from their romantic partners. Though only 13% of women surveyed said this was the case. “It’s not clear this surgery is coming from men’s comments” one Doctor explained, “women say ‘I want the change, my boyfriend’s fine with it.”

Instead, it seems to be wider cultural attitudes that are influencing women’s decision. “Just as women are made to think other parts of their bodies are not normal… it appears that in response to changing cultural norms, this surgery is increasingly being sought by women who want to either feel ‘normal’ or look ‘desirable.’”

Medical experts are warning women to think carefully about the risks associated with the procedure if they’re requesting genital surgery for purely cosmetic reasons. All general anaesthetics have a risk associated with them, and with genital surgeries there is the possibility of losing feeling in the area.

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Image credit: Pressmaster/ Shutterstock