The Rise of the Mummy Make-Over

The Rise of the Mummy Make-Over

2 July 2015

The Mummy Make-Over is helping women regain their confidence after pregnancy. The transformative surgery involves a Tummy Tuck as well as a Breast Lift and Augmentation, though Surgeons report the biggest change is to their patients’ self-esteem.

A Cosmetic Surgeon explained, “The Mummy Make-Over is on the increase as women are finding that after pregnancy they sometimes can’t do the things they enjoy like wearing a swimsuit, going to the beach with the kids, or even just going to dinner with their partner and wearing something that flatters the figure that they used to have.”

One patient decided to under-go the surgery after she was still unhappy with her body following 12 months of weight loss after the birth of her fourth son. “I had a lot of excess skin from having the kids and losing weight, my breasts had drooped and I had lost a lot of volume and my muscles had separated as well… I wasn’t happy with how I looked and I lacked in self-confidence.”

The patient had made the commitment to changing her diet and lifestyle and lost 20 kilos over the course of a year, though she still felt uncomfortable with her body and felt the need to cover up in baggy clothes. The female body changes dramatically during pregnancy and breast feeding and while diet and exercise can go a long way to recovering the body it isn’t always enough.

One Cosmetic Surgeon describes, “Exercise and a good diet is the first step but there are cases where changes in the elastin of the skin will not be correctable with diet and exercise and in cases where there is a split in the ‘six-pack’ muscles of the stomach it cannot be corrected with exercise alone.”

The patient is delighted with the results of her surgery and says the benefits are more than physical, “It has changed my life, I am more active and I am a better mum for it as well because I take the boys more places and I am not worried about how I look and what I’m going to wear and what people are going to think so it has benefitted the whole family.”

The Surgeon agrees, “The biggest transformation is in the way someone walks into the room, the way they carry themselves, the confidence they have and the way they just want to embrace life.”

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Image credit: parinyabinsuk/ Shutterstock