26 October 2012

When people start to age, it is usually lines and wrinkles around their eyes or sagging skin along their jawline that shows they are getting older. But there are other more subtle indications of ageing that people do not always notice - and the Daily Mail has highlighted some of them in a new list.Over the years, peoples gums start to recede, which means their teeth begin to look longer. They will also get darker over time as they can get stained by food and drink such as curry, tea, coffee and red wine. Some women may also find their hair starts to get dull, dry and frizzy. This is because the circulation in the scalp becomes less efficient, meaning toxins can impair nourishment, causing split ends. Alternatively, individuals may notice their nails begin to look yellow because the less efficient blood supply to the fingers means they grow more slowly and can gain a build-up of cells beneath the nail bed. Other signs to look out for are bigger feet, droopy earlobes, a longer nose, a widened waist, the development of unsightly ankles and faded eyes, which is when the whites of the eye turn greyer, meaning there is less contrast with the coloured iris. Read the full story here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2222747/Uh-oh--You-spend-fortune-trying-look-young-droopy-ears-away-listening-Madonna.html