The three questions every patient asks before a Breast Augmentation

16 September 2015

It’s the most commonly performed Cosmetic Surgery, with almost 300,000 women in the UK electing to undergo a Breast Augmentation in 2014 alone. Though the decision is still a serious one and needs careful consideration.

To help you make your decision here are answers to the most commonly asked questions from patients considering a Breast Augmentation.

  • Can I breast feed after a Breast Augmentation?

It’s a common misconception that breast implants will hinder breast feeding. In fact, providing the patient could produce milk before her procedure, a Breast Augmentation should have no effect on a woman’s ability to lactate.

It is a little known statistic that around 25% of women can’t produce enough milk to feed their baby with or without breast surgery. Cosmetic Surgeons suspect this had led to the widely held myth about breast feeding.

  • Which implants provide the most natural look?

This depends very much of the patient’s physicality and the size of the implant they opt for. One of the issues for patients without very much natural breast tissue, who choose a large implant, can be that the outline of the implant is visible, which looks unnatural. Your Surgeon will discuss the final look of your breasts in detail with you during your consultation, though the most subtle surgeries are always achieved when the patient chooses an implant size that is proportionate to their figure.

  • How long do implants last?

One set of implants will not last a lifetime and patients should consider that they will need to have repeat surgeries to replace their implants later in life. On average, implants need to be changed every 10 years, though this is an approximate figure. One Cosmetic Surgeon explains, “it's important for breast augmentation patients to be able to recognise the right time to exchange and/or upgrade their implants, as well as know how to be proactive about doing so."

At The Harley Medical Group we want all our patients to be as informed as possible prior to deciding upon a surgery. Your Cosmetic Surgeon will answer any questions you have about a Breast Augmentation at your free consultation.

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Image credit: BlueSkyImage/ Shutterstock