The truth about Breast Reduction – one patient’s honest answers to the questions she’s always asked

The truth about Breast Reduction – one patient’s honest answers to the questions she’s always asked

14 July 2015

Breast Reduction is often a lesser talked about Cosmetic Surgery though the results, both physical and psychological, can be just as transformative as a Breast Enlargement.

The procedure involves removing some of the breast and fatty tissue for a smaller, uplifted size and shape. It’s one of the most commonly performed Surgeries and yet (perhaps because it defies the ‘bigger is better’ beauty ideal surrounding breasts) it seems people are still generally surprised a woman would want to reduce the size of her breasts.

Here one patient shares her honest answers to the most common questions she’s been asked about the procedure after reducing her breast size from a 34DDD to a 34C:


  • Why did you do it? (Usually followed by, you didn’t look that big!)

I did it out of medical necessity, but you know what? I didn’t need that reason…I care more about my personal comfort than living up to a social ideal.

As for the whole, ‘but you didn’t look that big!’ thing…all I hear is: ‘you didn’t appear to need to do it; your appearance wasn’t bothering me, so why did you?’

When you get to the point of needing to surgically reduce the size of your breasts, you’re usually already taking steps to reduce your daily discomfort… of course I didn’t ‘look that big.’ I went out of my way to make sure I didn’t.


  • What was the recovery like?

Pretty painless… I was so numb that I had to make sure I was still and careful enough, because I couldn’t really sense if I was tearing a stitch or doing something that otherwise compromised the healing process.


  • What happened to your nipples?

I still have my real ones, but the areola was cut so that it would be a size that was proportionate to my new breasts, and the smaller nipple was moved up, so as to lift them.


  • Do you really not have to wear a bra?

Yeah! The myth is true! I do not have to wear a bra anymore. You can’t tell the difference… It’s AMAZING.


  • Do you regret it?

Not for a second… it changed my life. It changed my lifestyle. It changed the way I physically feel every single day.


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Image credit: NAS CRETIVES/ Shutterstock