The Truth about Cellulite

19 March 2015

Cellulite is a common problem for most women and many will go to great lengths to try to cover it up. There are many myths about Cellulite and solutions to fix it that could actually be making it worse, here is the truth.

A common myth is that thin and young women don’t suffer with Cellulite, this is not true. All women get it, it can be made worse by sun damage and the fluctuation of weight, age enhances the dimples but it is not based on body type as the Cellulite is usually there it is just not prominent on the skin yet. Men can also get Cellulite, although it is less common.

Another myth is that cardio exercise and sunbeds can banish Cellulite, in fact strength and weight training are the best forms of exercise to help the appearance of the dimples, while sunbeds can make the problem worse.

One of the best Cellulite solutions is i-Lipo, it is a new, non-invasive treatment which helps improve the appearance of Cellulite by stimulating the body’s natural response to fat burning. 

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Image Credit Attribution: Serchio/iStock/Thinkstock