The very best anti-ageing advice – don’t buy anything until you’ve read this article!

31 October 2015

When it comes to anti-ageing there seems to be a new wonder product every week; one day snail slime is all the rage, the next Korean beauty products promise the best results, then beauticians are trying to apply your own blood to you face!

There’s never a dull moment in the world of beauty, and so to demystify the some of these anti-ageing therapies, Hapers Bazzaar magazine recently complied a definitive list of the very best anti-ageing treatments. Here’s a little of the wisdom they shared regarding Non Surgical Treatments.

Start Botox early

“My rule of thumb for Botox is, if you can see the lines when you’re not making the expression, it’s time.” A Cosmetic Surgeon explained, “Most commonly we treat the eyes first because it’s the thinnest skin and most prone to wrinkling.”

Regular Non Surgical Treatments could mean you’ll never need Cosmetic Surgery

Non Surgical Treatments offer more reliable, tangible results than many anti-ageing cosmetics, so building them in as a regular part of your beauty regime can leave your skin in such great shape you won’t experience the kind of sagging that leads many patients towards Face Lift surgery.

The Cosmetic Surgeon recommends a three-fold approach using Ultrasound therapy to tighten the facial muscles and increase collagen production, Dermal Fillers to plump out any existing lines and wrinkles and Laser Treatments to improve the tone and texture of the skin.

Use peels to correct and avoid visible pores

Clogged pores can become distended if not dealt with quickly, but a lot of cosmetics can’t clean deeply enough into the skin to offer an effective solution. Chemical Skin Peels are the best option for dealing with clogged pores as they dissolve both surface dead skin cells and oil, giving your skin a much deeper cleanse and exfoliation.

The rejuvenating properties of lasers

There has been a huge boom in Laser Skin Treatments in recent years thanks to their subtle to utterly refreshing results. “Even women who don’t want injectables are asking for (Laser Treatments) because you can rejuvenate the whole face without a drastic change in appearance.” The Cosmetic Surgeon explained.

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Image credit: Andrev_Popov