Theo Paphitis accuses fellow dragon of having more plastic surgery than Joan Rivers

04 April 2011

Entrepreneur, millionaire and star of the BBC’s hit show Dragon’s Den, Theo Paphitis, has revealed exactly what he thinks of fellow dragons Duncan Bannatyne and Peter Jones. Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Paphitis talked about Duncan’s plastic surgery and Peter Jones’ vanity. “There is no aftermarket equipment with me, but there is with some of the others. Dugan, (Duncan) has had more work done than Joan Rivers. It's frightening - you should see the stitches sometimes”, he said. “Peter has his own mirror backstage and is the last to finish getting ready. Before we start filming, he looks at the mirror and says; 'It doesn't get better than this’." Bannatyne, who is 62, has admitted having surgery to remove eye bags, as well as teeth whitening and a hair transplant. Jones, 45, recently admitted that he would consider having plastic surgery when he gets to Bannatyne’s age. Paphitis’ comments come ahead of his new television series Britain’s Next Big Thing, in which hopefuls pitch to retailers rather than dragons, and starts on BBC2 next week.