'Thicker moisturise' key to winter skincare

06 February 2012

Making small changes to your skincare regime could help to fight the effects of winter, according to experts. Cold weather and icy winds combined with hot, dry office environments can lead to chapped lips and cracked skin on your hands and a dull complexion. Switching to a 'thicker moisturiser' when temperatures drop can help to protect skin against the elements.Deborah Mason of the British Association of Dermatologists told the Daily Express newspaper: "Cold and wind strip the skin of moisture. "Going from hot to cold environments can cause the blood vessels in the skin to change size rapidly to account for the fluctuating temperature. It can leave you looking flushed and weather beaten." It is quite possible to get sunburn during the winter months especially when there is snow on the ground as UV radiation is reflected upwards. A recent survey from the British Skin Foundation found that more than half (54 per cent) of all people who go on winter sports holidays have either "been sunburnt once" or "more than once but infrequently". Ms Mason said anyone heading out onto the slopes this winter should ensure they pack a bottle of sunscreen.