20 January 2014

Stretch marks on thighLosing a substantial amount of weight is rightly lauded as an achievement in itself but Cosmetic Surgery specialists know the satisfaction of this can often be tempered by the appearance of the excess skin left behind. Sagging skin appears where their flesh was once stretched to accommodate the extra tissue in their body, and one of the areas where it is most prone to appearing is on the thighs.Dr Jeremy White, a Cosmetic Surgeon based in Miami, Florida, says this condition can be effectively tackled by a Thigh Lift procedure, which involves removing some of the excess skin, then resetting the tissues which lie underneath. The procedure usually involves a seven to 10day recovery time, and patients are advised to take a months break from exercise, Dr White adds, saying: "Thigh lift procedures can prove invaluable for people who lose a lot of weight and struggle with the leftover skin." Afterwards, patients can expect to see a more flattering and proportionate body shape beneath their clothes, meaning that they can shop for new items for their wardrobe with greater confidence. A trained, skilled and experienced Cosmetic Surgeon will know best if an individual patient is suitable for such a procedure, and will make this decision after a face-to-face consultation.