01 February 2007

Beauty Editor, Trish Lesslie investigates Aesthera PPx available exclusively at The Harley Medical Group and finds it the painless solution to thread veins.

Prima Magazine'Thread Veins'

Problem: Thread veinsSolution: On the face, laser treatments tend to be the most favoured option. Aesthera PPx combines therapeutic light and pressure, cutting down treatment time by 500 per cent. On the legs, a vascular surgeon may decide to use microsclerotherapy, where the veins are injected with a substance that destroys them. Why start now? If you're going for the laser option, you may need a course of treatments. And although thread veins can often be zapped in one or two sessions, you will need to stay out of the sun for several weeks. If your thread veins are on your legs, visit a vascular surgeon, who can determine whether they are being fed by underlying varicose veins. If this is the case, get these treated before having your thread veins seen to. Otherwise, they'll only pop up elsewhere. If you're having mircosclerotherapy, you'll need to wear support tights for up to two weeks after treatment. What can I expect? With Aesthera PPx, you'll simply feel a vacuum-like suction on the area being treated. As the skin is sucked' into the vacuum device, it is slightly stretched, allowing for more efficient treatment of the area. As microsclerotherapy involves being injected with tiny needles, there is some pain involved.
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