20 January 2014

woman getting botox injectionAn article placed on a website for Hawaiian health care providers has urged licensed practitioners for Botox and Fillers to 'think in thirds' when it comes to getting the best possible results for their patients. Ensuring that the end results blend in as naturally as possible with the rest of the face is likely to result in a treatment with which a patient is most satisfied, said Dr Steve Yoelin, an Opthalmologist based in Newport Beach, California.Think of it like having an old home that needs work and fifty thousand dollars to spend on renovating it," Dr Yoelin advised an audience of fellow practitioners meeting at a conference in Hawaii. "If you decide to put all of the money into making a really nice kitchen, but ignore all the other rooms, what ends up happening is those other rooms begin to look a little peculiar. The face is generally divided into upper, middle and lower zones, and it is important for anyone administering Botox or Fillers to "think of these zones in global, harmonious terms", Dr Yoelin added. You can isolate those three areas, but we want to make certain that whatever we do in one area is complementary to the areas that you arent treating. When treating the lower facial area, he said, the need to achieve the required results for restoring volume to the lips, along with retaining normal muscle movement, means Dermal Filler treatment may be most effective. Shape and volume are often considered the most important when it comes to treating lips. Dr Yoelin advised however that it is vital not to over treat the perioral area (the fine lines that appear as a result of smoking), otherwise mouth incompetence may occur. I have the patient animate prior to injection. Animation guides the placement. Also, muscle strength will help dictate dose. If you know that, you know how to inject toxins, he said.