Three men discuss reasons for undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

11 February 2016

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons revealed that record numbers of patients undertook Cosmetic Surgery last year – with the number of men undergoing procedures doubling. In light of this, three men have spoken out about their reasons for having Cosmetic Surgery and how it has changed their lives.

Having felt self-conscious about his body for years, Scott plucked up the courage to undergo Chest Reduction surgery to reduce the size of his ‘man boobs’. He said: “I felt really self-conscious. I would buy baggy T-shirts and not wear anything that was skin-tight.

“I tried the gym for a year and worked out with a personal trainer, but it actually made my chest bigger because the muscle behind the tissue pushed it out more.”

He described the procedure as “quite quick and pain free”. His breast tissue was removed and Scott underwent Liposuction to even out the area. He wore a compression vest for six weeks post-surgery to allow his body to heal and said that the only discomfort he experienced was “from the vest which caused a lot of itching”.

Since having Cosmetic Surgery, Scott has been on dates and started a new job thanks to his newfound confidence.


As a child, Mark’s ears protruded – so much so that his mum used to tape them back. Having suffered many years of merciless teasing and feeling shy, he decided to undergo Pinnaplasty as an adult, describing it as “the best decision I’ve ever made”.

During the procedure, the Cosmetic Surgeon cut out cartilage from his ears before reshaping and sewing them back. Now, he says, he no longer thinks about his ears.

He said: “Men are expected to make a bit more effort nowadays, so I can see why surgery is on the rise, and we can be just as insecure as women, but just talk about it less, maybe.

“I got my surgery because it had been something that bothered me my whole life."


Having endured years of weight issues, Matthew decided to do something about his stomach – opting to dramatically change his diet and up his fitness regime in a quest for a flatter stomach. Before his Cosmetic Surgery, he was going to the gym eight times every week as well as eating healthily.

It got to the point where his body fat percentage was just 12 per cent despite being fitter than ever. Due to large amounts of loose skin around his abdomen though, Matthew was unable to get a six-pack through diet and exercise alone – so he decided to undergo Liposuction and Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck surgery).

He described the reactions to his procedures: “My procedures got mixed reactions. My friends, family and wife were very supportive (possibly because they’d suffered with my restrictive diet for so long) but there were cynics.

“A lot of the people I trained with told me that I should just hammer cardio workouts and wait for my skin to snap back naturally.”

Although he is open about having had Cosmetic Surgery, Matthew explained that to some extent, there is a “degree of shame in having a cosmetic procedure”. Unlike procedures more popular among women, such as Breast Augmentation, Male Cosmetic Surgery is easier to hide under baggy jumpers, he said.

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