Tips for perfect eyebrows

24 March 2015

Eyebrows are an important facial feature, they can help define the shape of the face and they draw attention to the eyes. Great eyebrows are essential for looking good every day. 

Experts suggest that eyebrows should only be plucked every three weeks, which can seem a long time but it gives hairs a chance to grow properly and makes them easier to shape. Old tweezers should also be thrown away, if they don’t keep a grip on the hairs then they won’t do a good job of tweezing. Tweezers should also be cleaned to avoid antibacterial build up.

When it comes to tweezing eyebrows, it’s important not to over pluck, tweeze underneath to create an arch, and slightly on top to get rid of any stray hairs. To avoid over tweezing in the middle of the brows, the beginning of the eyebrow should be in line with the bridge of the nose, otherwise it can make the nose look bigger.

When it comes to using a pencil to fill in your eyebrows, thick and heavy strokes should be avoided, instead a few light strokes create a more natural look.

If in doubt, seek help from a professional.

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Image Credit Attribution: Stockyimages/iStock/Thinkstock