28 February 2012

An avid reader of has commented that Tom Cruise has procedures in order to continue being a successful actor. The comment came on the back of a very young looking Tom Cruise appearing at this years Oscars, the 84th Awards Ceremony which took place in Hollywood on Sunday night. In an industry where looks mean everything and competition is fierce, the reader believes Cruise is simply protecting the source of his income by choosing to have surgical and non-surgical procedures."He's an actor. His looks are part of what make him bankable. As long as we want our leading men to be young and fit, stuff like this will happen. Supporting roles don't pay as much, they said. And American plastic surgeon Dr Youn agrees: I don't think he's found the Fountain of Youth, but he's done the next best thing -- found a good plastic surgeon. He looks like someone who has had a plethora of the best cosmetic treatments available, he told Today.comSee the original story here