27 June 2012

It's not what most people would choose to smear across their face, but it seems Hollywood legend Tom Cruise has found a peculiar use for bird mess. Getting a dollop of bird poo on your shoulder is without doubt inconvenient, but celebrities including Tom are paying good money to have their faces rubbed in it, or rather, have it rubbed into their faces.According to a report by, the star of blockbusters including Jerry Maguire, Top Gun and the Mission Impossible series now swears by a facial that brings together nightingale excrement, rice bran and water. The anti-ageing treatment is mixed together and then applied to the person's face in the form of a mask. The actor is said to have been thrilled with the "fantastic" results achieved from having the cosmetic procedure. A source close to the star, who is known for his extremely youthful looks which belie his 49 years, said Cruise makes sure to pay close attention to all of the new natural treatments that come onto the market. The source told Now magazine: "Tom doesn't see splashing out on the facials as him being vain or weird - in fact, he points out there are much wackier fads out there."