05 October 2010

The Daily Mail has reported that Tom Cruise looks remarkably wrinkle free on the set of Mission Impossible IV, prompting speculation that the actor may have turned to non surgical cosmetic treatments. Whilst the star has never openly admitted to using Botox or any other wrinkle-erasing non surgical solutions, the newspaper said: "Tom Cruise doesn't look a day over 35 even though he's nearing 50 years old," continuing: "The superstar looked fresh-faced and wrinkle free as he posed with fans after a busy day of filming." Noting that Tom has barely aged in the 15 years since he starred in the first instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise, the Daily Mail suspected that non surgical line and wrinkle treatments, popular with other big-name celebrities, may be the secret to the superstar's youthful good looks. "With Botox being the staple for many Hollywood stars to keep wrinkles and lines at bay, it would not be surprising if the actor had indulged himself," the publication explains. And Tom Cruise is not the only Tinseltown star rumoured to have used Botox before filming, as speculation recently ran high that ex-wife Nicole Kidman had turned to wrinkle-filling treatments in a bid to maintain her flawless complexion, whilst she and co-star Aaron Eckhart toured to promote new film Rabbit Hole. Rumours had also circulated that Nicole underwent a mummy makeover following the birth of her daughter Sunday Rose, with many media commentators of the opinion that the award-winning actress may also have had a boob job and a nose job in the early days of her career.