05 March 2010

I'm a big fan of Botox for many reasons - from its potential pain-relieving benefits to its wrinkle busting properties - but I almost choked on my latte when I saw this story the other morning: a mother has been injecting her daughter - who was 15 years old at the time - with Botox!15 is far, far too young to be thinking about things like Botox. While it can be a good thing to start thinking about things like Botox early so you can catch wrinkles before they become deeply embedded, there's no way it's necessary before your early 20s at the earliest. The girl, Hannah Burge, says she's following in her mum's footsteps. This generally isn't such a bad idea, as quite often mothers and daughters exhibit the same tendencies towards ageing and wrinkle formation, but I just have to say it again - not at that age! I'm glad here at The Harley Medical Group we don't treat anyone under 18, I like knowing we're only ever helping adults who are making their own minds up. Hannah, now 16, is the UK's youngest Botox user, and her mother is reported as wanting to be known as a 'real life Barbie' - it's hard not to worry that they don't have a healthy attitude. Cosmetic surgery and non surgical treatments are an excellent confidence booster, but like everything, used to excess they can become less positive. And don't even get me started on how silly it is to take treatments like this into your own hands. Although I was a little comforted to find out that the girl's mother is a trained aesthetic practitioner, I can't help worrying about where the injections took place and whether it was in a sterile environment. It also sends another really bad message - so if you're thinking about having Botox, now or in the future, please leave it to a professional!