10 March 2011

Follow the Scouts motto when youre considering any type of cosmetic surgery be prepared. Below are 10 important questions to ask your surgeon before going under the knife (and the answers you should expect), but dont be afraid to ask a hundred if you need to. 1. Can I see a range of before and after photographs? Dont be satisfied with the ones on the marketing material as these will of course be the best examples. Instead, ensure you see a range of photographs showing the results of operations performed by your cosmetic surgeon. 2. Please can you explain the procedure in full? Ensure that your surgeon can fully explain your chosen procedure to you, in terms you understand. If he/she tries to gloss over the details, ensure you dig further it is important that you are confident in the surgeons knowledge and experience of the procedure, and that you know exactly what you are about to undergo. 3. What are the recovery times for my operation? Make sure that your surgeon is specific, and gives you the worst-case scenario, as well as the best. While you are sure to fit into the latter, it is always important to be prepared. Ask them to explain how long you will need to take off work, what activities and exercise you will and will not be able to do, how long you will have to wear any post-surgical garments for, and when any prominent scarring and swelling should reduce. 4. Will you carry out my surgery, from start to finish? This may sound like a strange question but some surgeons pass over the closing or stitching to another surgeon once the actual procedure has been completed. Ideally you want to ensure that your surgeon performs everything. 5. Are you board-certified? The clinic you visit should be registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission) if its in England. You should expect your Surgeon to be on the Specialist Medical Register, to be highly skilled, qualified, innovative and have many years experience in Cosmetic Procedures. 6. What care will you provide to me after my surgery? Ask for details about the clinics aftercare policy it is absolutely essential that they have a plan in place to check that you are recovering well and that your stitches are removed correctly and at the right time. 7. What is your experience with this procedure? Some surgeons will specialise in fat removal surgery, breast surgery or face surgery, while others will have a lot of experience in a wide range of procedures. While it is not essential to have a specialist in the procedure you are having done, it is essential to ensure that your surgeon has a wealth of experience, and if he/she does, they wont have a problem sharing this with you. 8. What are the specific risks involved with this procedure? Dont let your surgeon sugar coat the risks. As with all surgery, there will be risks involved and it is important that you know these so that you are able to weigh them up with the benefits of the procedure. 9. What results can I expect from this procedure? Every body is different and as a result its important to understand from your surgeon what results are realistic for you. Dont assume that the results you have in mind are realistic. Instead, talk these through with your surgeon and get a completely clear picture of the reality. 10. What kind of anaesthesia is required and who will administer it? This is particularly important to know if you have had a bad reaction to a certain type of anaesthesia in the past, and to ensure that a properly trained anaesthetist will be looking after you.