03 March 2011

We've all carried out a bit of cosmetic DIY at some point, but not always to such extremes or with such hilarious consequences as the examples below. Check out orange tans, boys letting mums cut their hair and much more! One Hairy little man having his hair cut: Its the boys comments all the way through that make this such a great video. At one point he suggests wearing a hair net to catch all the falling hair...think about it! Two Girl gets trimmer happy: Watch this and youll probably leave the plucking and shaping of your eyebrows to the experts. Three Even celebrities get it wrong sometimes: They are human after all! This montage shows just how wrong celebrities can get it, even with the help of make-up artists. Four Not even dogs escape cosmetic disasters: Professional dog groomers are available. Five Spray tan gone wrong: Shes probably pretty red-faced under there. So, the moral of the story is, let the professionals help you out with all those cosmetic treatments, from simple haircuts and tanning, to advanced laser hair removal and skin peels.