12 April 2012

Suffering from acne can be both embarrassing and annoying; with one of the major side effects being the damage acne can do to your self-confidence. Your acne could be caused by any number of factors, such as your external environment or your hormone levels, but no matter what the reason for yours is at the Harley Medical Group we have a range of non-surgical treatments that can help. To help you in deciding which would be best for you, here are our top five treatments: 1. Aesthera PPx/Isolaz laser treatment This laser treatment is the only one of its kind to have been approved by the FDA for use on comedonal acne (blackheads and whiteheads), which many other treatments are unable to affect. During the procedure Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is used to encourage growth of healthy skin and the treatment is completely painless. You wont need to have any numbing creams or injections prior to the laser treatment and it can be carried out on many areas of the body. Apart from helping with active comedonal, pustular and inflamatory acne, this procedure can also reduce the appearance of blotchy skin pigmentations, freckles, sun damage and thread veins to the face. The procedure itself is incredibly quick and easy, often taking just five minutes when treating areas of the face. It can be used on both young and old skin and is ideal for men and women, with visible improvements just 24-48 hours following the treatment. 2. Acne skin care products At the Harley Medical Group we have many specially formulated skin care packages that have been created using the best ingredients possible. Our problem skin treatment package has been tried and tested and is proven to help in producing visible results in a reduced amount of time. Our acne package includes a gentle cleanser, an anti-microbial cell renewal cream, an ultra-anti-bac cream, an anti-oxidant oil free moisturiser and an enhanced performance SPF25 cream for the morning. The products contained within this package are designed to help in reducing swelling caused by papules, pustules and other common types of acne, as well as clearing pores and encouraging healthy skin. 3. Obagi blue skin peelSkin peels are one of our most popular non-surgical anti-ageing procedures, but theyre also an effective treatment for acne. Both active acne and acne scars can be improved with our Obagi blue skin peel, which can remove layers of damaged skin from the face, which encourages healthy skin to develop. We mix a low concentration of TCA (trichlororoacetic acid) with a blue base that a nurse can then apply to the patients face. This type of skin peel can be regulated, so the nurse can apply the mixture to a depth that it required, meaning you get the maximum benefit. Following an Obagi blue skin peel patients often remark that, not only has the appearance of their acne reduced, but fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, patchy pigmentation and sun damage has also been reduced. 4. Medical microdermabrasionMany people decide to combine our Obagi blue skin peel and medical microdermabrasion treatments together to get the best results. Medical microdermabrasion is ideal for treating acne prone skin and can help with reducing the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads. One of the main reasons why this treatment is so popular is that the results are instant, although the fact that its painless is also a big factor. During medical microdermabrasion a handheld device containing a controlled flow of fine medical grade crystals is passed over the face, removing the top layer of dead skin cells as it goes. This reveals healthier, younger looking skin that is much smoother, thanks to the fact that the treatment promotes collagen growth. 5. Diet It has been proven that a change in your diet could have a dramatic impact on the quality of your skin and can go some way to improve acne prone skin. If you have acne you should visit your doctor for tips on what changes you could make to fit in line with any treatments you decide to undertake. For instance, drinking more water and eating regular meals that are packed with the right vitamins and minerals will certainly help. If youre interested in any of these treatments, do get in touch today to book your free consultation.