07 January 2013

The popularity of laser procedures and other non-surgical cosmetic treatments is set to soar in 2013, it has been predicted. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, “more people are realising good skin is the cornerstone of ageing beautifully” and, as a result, they are looking into solutions that allow them to look younger, but without having to go under the knife.The newspaper noted that one of the great things about laser treatments is that there are few side effects and recovery times are shorter than other types of cosmetic procedures. Botox and fillers will remain popular and these have now “gone mainstream”, the article continued. Other beauty trends that are set to be huge in 2013 are false lashes, superfoods such as chia seeds and spirulina powder and regular salon hair treatments. “Regular salon treatments can completely change the texture and health of your hair, particularly hair tortured and fried by straightening and lightening,” said stylist Neil Cleminson.