Top five don’ts for dry skin

21 November 2014

When taking care of our skin, we’re all accustomed to hearing what we should “do” – but it’s just as important to keep an open ear to the “don’ts”. This is especially true in the case of dry ski, which requires a tailored Skin Care routine. 

So without further ado, let’s finally settle the difference between dehydrated skin and that of a dry skin type – introducing the top five don’ts: 

1.    Toner. “Toners are made to remove skin oil that dry skin needs to help keep water from evaporating off the skin,” explains Miami based Dermatologist Leslie Baumann. In other words, toners are a dry skin’s worst enemy.

2.    Not moisturising. Many dry skin sufferers confuse the use of moisturiser with outbreaks of Acne. “What happens is that their skin gets so dry without it, that their barrier function gets impaired, so their skin doesn’t have as resistant of a barrier to bacteria and other acne causing substances,” highlights New Orleans based Dermatologist Dr Deirdre Hooper.

3.    Using the wrong type of cleanser. Got dry skin? Treat your complexion to a creamy cleanser. “Definitely not a foaming cleanser, because the foam is going to strip the oil that you need off your face,” Hooper warns.

4.    Electronic exfoliation. Baumann doesn’t recommend the use of a sonic cleansing brush on dry skin, saying: “They remove too many lipids from the skin. Avoid any friction – that also includes scrubs and microdermabrasion.” 

5.    Failing to protect your skin. Proper protection and repairing your complexion is of the utmost importance for dry skin, which is where ceramides come in. “Ceramides are the latch that holds your skin cells together, like the mortar between the bricks,” says Hooper. 

Do you suffer from dry skin? What are your do’s and don’ts when it comes to your complexion? Let us know via our Twitter page today!