Top hair removal tips for brides-to-be

22 May 2013

119605405If you’re looking forward to your big day and are worried about how to get rid of some of that excess body hair, worry no more. No new bride wants to waste time shaving or waxing while their new husband lounges by the pool - and laser hair removal means they don’t have to.Nad’s Laser Clinics in Australia has highlighted nine things every bride should know about the time-saving treatment before embarking on a hair-free honeymoon: 1. Start as soon as possible to ensure the best possible results in time for the wedding. 2. Hair won’t be rushing back in a hurry; removal can last up to six weeks. 3. Stay out of the sun before and after laser treatments. 4.  For the best results, shave the night before your laser treatment, the closer the shave the better. 5. Make sure to choose a reputable clinic. 6. A great laser clinic should offer a free full consultation before you start your treatment. 7. Laser is not a one off hair removal cure. It will give you permanent hair reduction, not permanent hair removal. 8. The more consistent you are with treatments, the greater the results. 9. A bargain isn’t always best.